Boxcon 2.0.

Boxcon 2.0.

2 Seasons

Starting with Nate’s one-on-one warm-up routine, you will work the heavy bag using awesome boxing combos, pushing the limits of your body and mind before moving on to a conditioning exercise.

Developed by Nate, Box Con 2.0 features three rounds in each workout, and four sets of one minute each per round. Two heavy bag and two conditioning sets per round are followed by a 30 second rest between sets. This is followed by a heavy bag set, 30 seconds of rest, and a conditioning set with 30 seconds of rest.

With 12 dynamic, power-packed sets, Box Con 2.0 will get you the results you want!

Included in the package:
• PDF Program
• 2 Box Con 2.0 warm-ups
• 8 action packed workouts
• Round timer
• Full voiceover
• 30 boxing combinations
• 30 conditioning exercises

Boxcon 2.0.
  • Boxcon 2.0 season 2 Workout 1

    Episode 1

    In season 2 of boxcon 2.0 you have 3 rounds of high energy sets with a mix of boxing and conditioning in 1 minute sets. New to season 2, I introduced an elevated set after each round for added intensity to further increase results and add to the elevated experience. Get in the best shape of your...

  • Boxcon 2.0 Workout 2

    Episode 2

    3 rounds including: 1 minute sets on the bag 30 seconds rest 1 minute conditioning sets and finish the round with an Elevated set. 5 total sets per round including the elevated set. LEVEL UP!

  • Boxcon 2.0 Workout 3

    Episode 3

    Session 3 is where you unload your hands and focus on speed ans power when working the bag. Level up further and outwork me on the bag and push for more reps in the conditioning pieces. Set your intentions high and push past your own expectations.

  • Boxcon 2.0 Workout 4

    Episode 4

    You know what to do! Let your hands go on the heavy bag and push even further on conditioning and elevated sets!

  • Boxcon 2.0 Workout 5

    Episode 5

    Today is the day. Test you will and determination on the heavy bag, push your limits on every conditioning set and once again push past your expectations!!