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Watch this video and more on Nate Bower Elevated

Watch this video and more on Nate Bower Elevated

30 Minute Boxing Workout 1



  • ABS Workout at Home with Dumbbells fo...

    This core workout uses a heavy and medium size dumbbell using 1 minute sets and 30 second recovery. Ill coach and work with you through the entire workout. Let get to work!

  • Daily Stretch Routine Elevated

    Having the right amount of motion through your joints is vital to improved performance and confidence. In my Daily Stretch routine together we will stretch safely end effectively in 30 minutes. Grab a rope or a set of hand wraps, a chair or use use an elevated surface and a yoga block if you ha...

  • Elevated Hybrid Audio boxing Workout 3

    Elevated Hybrid Audio Boxing Workouts are used for either heavy bag workouts or shadow boxing. On screen graphics and audio coaching give you the ability to work at a fast pace on the bag or punch in sync with me using on screen motion graphics. Hybrid Audio Boxing Workout series allows you to ...