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Watch this video and more on Nate Bower Elevated

Watch this video and more on Nate Bower Elevated

30 Minute Shadow Boxing Workout to get you fit



  • Heavy Bag HIIT workout for Conditioni...

    Get ready to work to 7 rounds of boxing. HIIT Rounds are 1:00 of a boxing combo followed by a 30 seconds active recovery set.
    In build up rounds you'll start with a basic combo and add to that combo as the round progresses.

  • 30 Minute Shadow Boxing Heavy bag Split

    Boxing training sessions combine shadow boxing and heavy bag work.
    This 30 minute Boxing workout split combines 15 minutes of heavy bag work with 15 minutes of shadow boxing. Experience 2 flavours within one heated Boxing workout

  • 15 Minute Heavy Bag HIIT

    Dont hold back champ! You have 15 minutes to unleash your fighting spirit and unlock your full conditioning potential. Time to level up!