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    As science has determined on average it takes 21 days to break and old habit and form a new one. December 1st marked day 1 of the new ELEVATED you as you push hard to complete the next 21 days of curated exercise routines.
    To optimize your potential for success these livestream were filmed the ...

  • 21 Day Challenge Day 1-Full Body Sweat

    Full Body Sweat
    Warm up 3 minutes-30 seconds per exercise
    Reverse lunge with extension
    Wide Mountain climber
    Rotational Hops
    x 2

    Continuous work in a how many ROUNDS did you do (16 minutes) Set up
    All exercises are 8-12 reps
    Forward back hops 8
    Knee to Hand taps
    Sprinter Squat 1-2’s x 8


    21 Day Elevated Live Stream Fitness Challenge
    Day 2
    4 combo Boxing and core HIIT
    4 rounds 4 minutes per Round
    Warm up—3 exercises
    2 minutes

    Round 1
    1-2-power step
    Low steps left and right
    x 2
    Single leg Full body crunch
    x 2
    Rest 30 seconds
    6.30 minutes

    Round 2
    x 2

  • 21 DAY CHALLENGE Day 3-Tabata

    Set 1
    Split lunges x 2
    Plank rows and extend x 2
    Step and Pivot x 2
    Pushups x 2


    Set 2
    Hands behind head split lunge
    Single arm plank
    Side step and jump
    Loaded Beast to plank jack

    Set 3-boxing
    Step left-5. Step right 6
    Angled Power steps
    2-2 max power with step
    Sprinter s...

  • 21 Day Challenge-Day 4-Sweat the Technique

    Let me take you on a Boxing journey!

  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge Day 5-Slow Burn

    Move slow and steady with this workout. Grab a mini band, gliders ( or towels ) and move with Tiana non-stop as she takes you through a tough full body burner workout.

  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge Day 6-Sweat The Technique 2

    21 Day Elevated Live Stream Fitness Challenge. Today we Sweat The Technique again with a 30 minute Boxing Workout. Prepare to run through real boxing scenarios, movement, footwork and defence. Grab your bag or shadow boxing gloves and lets move for 30 minutes straight. Let get into that fighte...

  • 21 Day Fitness Challenge-Day 7-Full Body Sweat

    21 Day Elevated Live Stream Fitness Challenge. Day 7
    Today is the end of week 1 and your second test day. Our goal together is to reach 15 full sets of the same circuit as day 1..BUT instead of 8 reps we start at 10 and work our way up to 12 reps. Follow my lead or set the new standard and out w...

  • 21 Day Challenge-Day 9-Basic Shadow Boxing HIIT

    Today You'll do a follow along Basic Shadow Boxing HIIT Workout. This all levels boxing workout is the prefect session to teach you basic boxing combinations, movement and conditioning. I will also add in some core sets to strengthen your core.

  • 21 Day Challenge-Day 10-Tabata

    21 Day Elevated Live Stream Fitness Challenge Day 10-Tabata
    Grab a towel and lets get to work . 20 seconds sets or High intensity work followed by 10 seconds rest.

  • 21 Day Challenge-Day 11-3 Combo Boxing Class

    In Todays BOXiNG CLASS I'll coach you through technical aspects of 3 boxing combinations. Once you feel the flow of the combination, add your own flavour by increasing the intensity and adding punches.

  • 21 Day Challenge Day 12-Sweat the Technique

    A continuous nonstop workout. Throw combos and sweat while learning boxing technique and scenarios

  • 21 Day Challeng Day 13-4 Exercises Tabata

    The focus is to master each movement with quality and purpose. You'll do 3 complete rounds of 8 sets of 20 seconds of work followed by a short 10 seconds rest after each 20 second set.. Take 1 minute rest between rounds.
    Power lunge
    Loaded beast pushup
    Hand touch Skater
    Wide Climbers
    x 3 comp...

  • 21 Day Challeng Day 14-Boxing Class 2

    Lets throw some combs.
    1-BR-3B-STEP BACK 5-2

  • 21 Day Challenge Day 17-Basic Shadow Boxing Workout

    I'll coach you through every movement and combination in this follow along boxing workout. How much have you learned so far?

  • 21 Day Challeng Day 16-SAVAGE 7 INTERVAL WORKOUT

    Savage 7 INTERVAL FITNESS AND BOXING WORKOUT is for all levels. Once again Nate Bower brings heat and creativity to the masses with boxing and fitness fusion workout. You 'll run through a group of seven exercise in 1 minute intervals with short active recovery movements between sets.

  • 21 Day Challeng Day 15-Shadow Boxing HIIT